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Turning Aerial data into Comprehensive insights for your Business


Who we are 

In Nevar Systems, We here developing drone products and providing services in the field of technology and software analytics to develop end to end drone solutions from entire hardware to software stack to provide uniquely reliable solutions to work in complex environments to collect geospatial data and generate meaningful information aiding professionals in humanitarian aid, surveying, and engineering with little cost overhead and time which helps them to make important decisions quickly by various modes.

Project Delivered Timeline

Day 1                           

Data Acquisition

The fixed wing and multi-copter UAV were selected for
the proposed survey. The selected Fixed wing UAV to covered 50 Sq Km per week.

Day 8

Data Processing

UAV Images are the major inputs for UAV data processing. Using customized hardware to process the data 10x faster than normal hardware.

Day 10

Data Analysis

Specific GIS software was used to analysis the processed Data for different Industries. In Advance using AI/ML algorithoms was used to find the outputs automatically. 

Leadership Team

M.Sc Geoinformatics from GRI
Heads UAV Data Processing and GIS Analysis

B.Tech in Information Technology from PEC
 Heads Business Development and Marketing

B.Tech in Aerospace
from SEC

Heads UAV design and Flying 

B.Tech in Electronics from PEC
Heads Autopilot Hardware, Electronics and RF

B.Tech in Computer Science from PEC
Heads Flight Control Software and AI development 

Our Clients


NEVAR Systems Pvt Ltd 
Atal Incubation centre,
Pondicherry Engineering College,
Pondicherry. 605 014


Phone: +91 9443636296